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Antipaxos or Andipaxos (Greek: Αντίπαξος) is a small (5 square kilometres), unspoiled Greek island about 3 kilometers to the south of Paxos. It reported a population of 64 inhabitants at the 2001 census, although that is now probably around 150.

It is administratively part of the municipality of Paxoi in Corfu Prefecture in western Greece. It is mostly covered in vineyards. But the big feature is the attractive sandy beaches. The harbour on Antipaxos is called Agrapidia.

The two beaches at the northern end of Anti Paxos are called Vrika and Voutoumi. These beaches are breathtaking, turquoise waters so typical of this small island. Vrikia has a sandy beach and Voutoumi has pebbly beach although both are sandy below the water. These beaches are ideal spots for swimming and snorkelling.

Both beaches can get very busy in the summer. The landscape around the beach is overgrown with bush in between the rocks. You can rent sunshades for €2.00 for the whole day.

Getting there
The water taxis return to Antipaxi, every hour or so to ferry passengers back to Gaios. You only pay 6 Euro to get to Antipaxi from Gaios, and this price includes the return trip with any boat. The journey takes about half hour each way. Once in Antipaxi, you can hop on any one of these boats for the return trip to Gaios without paying extra. You can also choose glass bottom boats for extra entertainment.

Food and drink
There is a taverna on each of the two main beaches where you can buy food and drink (including ice cream).

The water in Antipaxos is fantastic. On the sea floor at the fringes of the Vrika beach you can see a great variety of colorful fish, aquatic plants, underwater rock arches, and spectacular caverns with entrances that barely clear the sea surface.

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