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Gaios, Paxos, Greece

Marks out of ten

Attractiveness 8/10
Cleanliness 8/10
Safety 7/10 (Watch out for the scooters)
Non beach activities 7/10
Greek authenticity 8/10

Gaios the capital of Paxos is a charming port town and spreads itself along the waterfront. The hydrofoil arrives at Giaos as well as the ferries and sea plane. Giaos is situated on the eastern coast of Paxos

Gaios is named after the saint that brought Christianity to the island and is the capital of Paxos.

Islands of Panagia and St Nicolas
You enter Gaios from a northerly direction passing two small islands, the first at the mouth of Gaios harbour is called Panagia (Virgin Mary). Situated on this island is a small white monastery. On the 15th August, Assumption Day the gates of the monastery are open and everyone travels across by boat to the monastery to pay homage. The other island is called St Nicholas and forms a natural breakwater which leads to the picturesque inlet of Gaios harbour. On St Nicholas Island there are two small churches St Nicholas and St Ioannis and an old Venetian fort built in 1423 which for many years protected the area. To visit the island you need to have a permit from the local authority (Tel: +30 26620 32100).


What's Giaos like?
Gaios is the largest and liveliest of the three main villages on Paxos, with a good selection of restaurants, tavernas, coffee bars and shops to be found in the many streets that lead from the Venetian main square. The tourist shops in Gaios stock a wide range of surprisingly high quality goods, including pottery and jewellery.

Gaios square
Gaios square is a very good place to soak up the atmosphere of this bustling capital. In the centre of the square is the church of St Apostoli.

Church Of Agios Apostoli
Also worth viewing is the Church Of Agios Apostoli that is situated behind the main bus stop in the village. The church boasts many fine icons as well as an ancient cistern.

Gaios Folk Museum
Gaios Folk Museum, in the old school on the waterfront, houses artifacts from the rich and varied history of Paxos and makes for an interesting visit.


Accommodation in Giaos

Gaios offers visitors to Paxos a wide range of accommodation, including:

  • Hotels: There are two hotels near Gaios - the Paxos Beach Hotel and the Paxos Club Hotel.
  • Private Villas: Plenty.
  • Apartments: The are a number of studio rooms apartments to rent in Giaos.

It is always best to book your accommodation in advance, especially in the high season.

Gaios Facilities

  • Supermarkets: Many mini markets throughout Giaos.
  • Shopping: There are many tourist shops, though there are a good range of other shops selling clothes, household goods etc...
  • Tavernas and Restaurants: Situated mostly in the main square and along the front. The is a large choice.
  • Churches: There is an Orthodox church in Gaios in the main square as well as a number of other churches around the rest of the village.
  • Banking: There is a bank and several ATM machines in Gaios. Most of the local businesses accept credit card payments.
  • Pharmacy: English speaking.
  • Beaches: There is a beach at Giaos although many people prefer to explore other beaches on the island or visit Antipaxos.
  • Water sports: There is boat hire available from a number of places along the water front.
  • Car hire: There are several places to hire a car, moped or scooter in Gaios.
  • Yacht mooring: Excellent safe mooring for all types of yachts and motor boats. Water and fuel supply vehicles service the harbour every day.

Nearest beaches

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Kipiadi beach
Marmari beach

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