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Logos (Loggos) Paxos, Greece

Marks out of ten

Attractiveness 9/10
Cleanliness 9/10
Safety 7/10 (Watch out for the scooters)
Non beach activities 6/10
Greek authenticity 8/10

Loggos, also known as Longos. Loggos is a stunning, perfectly located fishing village with a few cottages, houses, restaurants and bars clustered around a gorgeous harbour. You can eat at the waterside tavernas and watch the boats bobbing around in the harbour.

Many of the original buildings clustered around the harbour date back more than 200 years to when the mighty Venetians ruled Paxos and most of the Ionian area.

Loggos is the smallest of the three villages on Paxos and has remained unspoiled. The tiny harbour at Loggos is sited in a natural horseshoe shaped bay. Loggos is surrounded by olive groves and cypress trees.

At the north west edge of the harbour, you will find the old soap factory.

There is a small beach in Loggos harbour but most people choose the nearby Levrecchio beach a few minutes south of Loggos.

Annually in August/September, Loggos becomes the unlikely venue for an international classical music festival. The Paxos International Music Festival takes place in and around Loggos and is centred in the old school house.

Because it is relatively small, the harbour at Loggos does not draw the sailing set in the same numbers as Gaios and Lakka. However, there are many places in Loggos where you can hire boats. There are also excursion boats that will take you to the rugged Blue Caves and Antipaxos.

The downside of the accommodation at Loggos is many of the apartments and villas are situated on the steep hills that surround the bay. Make sure you are fit if you visit Loggos!

Getting about the island from Loggos is easy. There are bus services going to the other main villages of Giaos and Lakka. There are also care hire, scooter hire and bike hire facilities.

The down side of staying in the main part of Loggos is the noise at night from the bars and tavernas on the waterfront. If you want a quieter holiday, you are advised to stay in the villas and apartments further away from the waterfront.

Accommodation in Loggos

As with Gaios and Lakka, Loggos offers visitors to Paxos a good range of quality accommodation, including:

  • Private Villas: Mostly situated on the hills amongst the olive groves that surround Loggos. Many have private swimming pools.
  • Apartments: The are a number of studio rooms apartments to rent in Loggos.

Loggos Facilities

  • Shopping: Supermarket, bakery, souvenir shops.
  • Car hire: Available in Loggos.
  • Internet Cafe: Found in the Four Seasons Cafe Bar.
  • Restaurants and Tavernas: Clustered around the waterfront.
  • Boat hire: Two outlets.
  • Walking: An ideal centre for walking holidays.

There is no bank or ATM in Loggos.

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